足彩外围让2球·每日新闻播报(August 15)

足彩外围让2球·每日新闻播报(August 15)

足彩外围让2球,british explorer ash dykes followed the yangtze river during his yearlong journey. photo provided to china daily

>explorer's record trek


a british explorer is claiming to be the first person to walk the length of the yangtze river in china after enduring extreme physical and mental challenges during his epic trek. 英国探险家阿什•戴克斯在经历了极其严酷的身心挑战后,成为徒步长江全程第一人。

ash dykes, from old colwyn in north wales, finished the 6,437-kilometer journey on monday after he was delayed by a couple of days because of typhoon lekima. 戴克斯来自北威尔士的老科尔温,12日他终于抵达了这趟6437公里徒步之旅的终点,因为台风利奇马的缘故,他抵达终点的时间比原计划迟了几天。

the 28-year-old said he felt great after crossing the finish line in shanghai, where he was greeted by family, media, and chinese supporters. 现年28岁的戴克斯在上海越过终点线时表示感觉很棒,他受到了家人、媒体和中国支持者们的欢迎。

dykes has been followed by millions of chinese television viewers and social media users who have been captivated by his effort to become the first person to walk the third longest river in the world. 这趟徒步世界第三长河流的旅途中,戴克斯获得了数以百万计的中国电视观众和社交媒体用户的关注,他们痴迷于戴克斯成为徒步长江第一人的壮举。

the explorer said raising awareness of conservation work during the expedition "makes it far more worthwhile" because "protection of the environment is a huge passion of mine".戴克斯表示,因为他本人对环境保护有着巨大热情,因此能唤起人们的环保意识让这趟旅途更加有意义。

poster of friends

>'friends' to appear on screen


to celebrate the 25th anniversary of perhaps the world's most popular sitcom, "friends" will hit big screens across the us this fall. 为庆祝《老友记》25周年纪念日,这部也许是全球最受欢迎的情景喜剧将于今秋被搬上全美各大影院银幕。

twelve fan-favorite episodes that have been "remastered in 4k from the original 35mm camera negative" will be screened in over 1,000 movie theaters across the country - with four episodes shown each day on sept 23 and sept 28, as well as oct 2. 9月23日、9月28日和10月2日,全美逾1000家影院将上映《老友记》中最受粉丝喜爱的12集,每天播出4集。

according to warner brothers, the episodes will include never-seen-before content and exclusive interviews. tickets for "friends" will be available on the official website of fathom events on friday.新剧集被从原先35毫米摄影机负片翻拍成了4k高清版。华纳兄弟影业公司称,上映内容中将包括一些此前从未曝光的内容和独家专访。电影票将于16日在fathom events官网上开售。

us president donald trump speaks about us energy production and manufacturing at the shell pennsylvania petrochemicals complex in monaco, pennsylvania, us, aug 13, 2019. [photo/agencies]

>trump targets poor migrants


the trump administration took one of its most aggressive steps yet on monday to target legal immigration, publishing new rules that could deny green cards to immigrants who use medicaid, food stamps, housing vouchers or other forms of public assistance.特朗普政府12日采取最为激进的举措之一,将合法移民作为打击对象。根据美政府发布的新规,那些享受医疗补助、食品救济券、住房补贴券或其他形式政府援助的移民或难以拿到绿卡。

the rule change would reinforce "ideals of self-sufficiency," officials said. 有官员表示,移民新规将强化"自给自足的理念"。

anyone who relies on one or more publicly funded social safety net benefits is known as a "public charge". 任何依赖一项或多项公共社会保障福利的人都被视为"公共负担"。

the "public charge rule" will take effect on oct 15. 这项"公共负担新规"将于10月15日生效。

immigrants who are already permanent residents in the us are unlikely to be affected by the rule change. 已经是美国永久居民的移民不太可能受到新规的影响。

it also does not apply to refugees and asylum applicants. 这项规定也不适用于难民和庇护申请人。

but applicants for visa extensions, green cards or us citizenship will be subject to the change.但是申请签证延期、绿卡或美国国籍的移民将受到政策变化的影响。

china's central bank is very close to launching its own digital currency after five years of research and development in the area, according to a senior official. [photo/ic]

>plan on digital currency


china's central bank is very close to launching its own digital currency after five years of research and development in the area, according to a senior official. 一位高级官员透露,经过五年的研发,中国人民银行数字货币已经"呼之欲出"。

mu changchun, deputy director of the people's bank of china's (pboc) payments department, made the comments at a forum held saturday in yichun, heilongjiang province. 中国人民银行支付结算司副司长穆长春10日在黑龙江伊春举办的一个论坛上发表了此番言论。

the pboc set up a research team in 2014 to explore the possibility of launching a digital currency to cut the costs of circulating traditional paper money and boost policymakers' control on the money supply. 央行2014年成立专门研究团队,探究推出数字货币的可能性,其目的是减少传统纸币流通成本、提高政策制定者对货币供给的控制力。

mu said the issuance of the digital currency will rely on a "two-tier" system in which both the central bank and financial institutions will be legitimate issuers. 穆长春表示,央行的数字货币采取双层运营体系,央行和商业银行均是法定发行方。

he also said that the digital currency would not solely rely on blockchain technology as current blockchain technology would not be able to handle transaction volumes in china.数字货币将不会仅仅依赖区块链,因为目前的区块链技术无法满足全国范围内的交易需要。

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